Using the technology solution you proposed in Stage 2, you should briefly explain it and then copy the table below and complete the remaining two columns. (Submit only one table and do not delete the Instructor Use columns.) For each area of consideration, you should rank it as high, medium, low, or N/A (Not Applicable) in importance or relevance at time of implementation (and not some time in the future) for the specific technology solution you proposed for the UR UMUC Healthy Fitness Center. Then, provide a brief explanation, a minimum of two sentences for each, to justify that ranking or the N/A. Do not try to create a reason if there is none, but carefully analyze each consideration and determine whether it applies and how. Explanations must provide enough information to convey the reasoning behind the ranking. DO NOT copy the definitions from the textbook or other sources but put into your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the concept as you provide your explanation for the ranking. Use the Grading Rubric to be sure you have covered everything. Submit your paper with answers to parts 1 and 2 below via your Assignment Folder as a Microsoft Word document with your last name included in the filename.
Part 1: Brief explanation of proposed technology solution. Identify what the solution is, what it is expected to do for the UR UMUC Healthy Fitness Center, summarizing the information you provided for Stage 2. Please include the information that you provided at the end of Stage 1 (with any modifications recommended by the professor) at the top of your paper:
Generic Strategy:
Strategic Business Area:
Process to be improved:
Part 2: Table of IT Considerations. The Areas for consideration are defined in the section “Concepts” which follows the table of considerations. An example for one entry is also provided.


Area High/Medium/Low Importance or Relevance or Not Applicable (N/A) Explanation for Ranking IMPORT EXPLAN
Disaster Recovery Plan
Authentication & Authorization
Prevention & Resistance (Security)
Detection & Response (Security)
Grid Computing
Cloud Computing
Virtualized Computing
Communications Architecture
Database Architecture
Decision Support
Artificial Intelligence
Business-to-Business eCommerce
Business-to-Consumer eCommerce


Accessibility: Baltzan textbook, page 175, “refers to the varying levels that define what a user can access, view, or perform when operating a system”
Availability: Baltzan textbook, page 175, 176, “refers to the time frames when the system is operational”
Maintainability: Baltzan textbook, page 176 – 177, “refers to how quickly a system can transform to support environmental changes”. Examples are multi-currency acceptance, acceptance of credit cards, multiple languages, etc.
Portability: Baltzan textbook, page 177, “the ability of an application to operate on different devices or software platforms such as different operating systems”
Reliability: Baltzan textbook, page 177, “ensures a system is functioning correctly and providing accurate information”
Scalability: Baltzan textbook, page 177, “how well a system can scale up, or adapt to the increased demands of growth”
Usability: Baltzan textbook, page 178, “the degree to which a system is easy to learn and efficient and satisfying to use”
Disaster Recovery Plan: Baltzan textbook, pages 172 – 173, “detailed process for recovering information or a system in the event of a catastrophic disaster”
Authentication & Authorization (Security): Baltzan textbook, pages 149 – 151, examples include user id/password, smart card/token, biometric technology
Prevention & Resistance (Security): Baltzan textbook, pages 151 – 153, examples include content filtering, encryption, firewall, antivirus software
Detection & Response (Security): Baltzan textbook, pages 153 – 154, example includes intrusion detection software
Grid Computing: Baltzan textbook, pages 181 – 183, “a collection of computers, often geographically dispersed, that are coordinated to solve a common problem”
Cloud Computing: Baltzan textbook, pages 182 – 187, “the use of resources and applications hosted remotely on the Internet”
Virtualized Computing: Baltzan textbook, pages 187 – 190, “creates multiple ‘virtual’ machines on a single computing device”
Communications Architecture: Baltzan textbook, Appendix B
Database Architecture: Baltzan textbook, Appendix C
Decision Support: Baltzan textbook, pages 52 – 57, “model information using online analytical processing, which provides assistance in evaluating the choosing among different courses of action”
Artificial Intelligence: Baltzan textbook, pages 57 – 61, “simulates human thinking and behavior, such as the ability to reason and learn”
Business-to-Business eCommerce: Baltzan textbook, page 98, “applies to businesses buying from and selling to each other over the Internet”
Business-to-Consumer eCommerce: Baltzan textbook, pages 98 – 99, “applies to any business that sells its products or services directly to consumers online”

Example: If the technology solution being proposed was to have a kiosk for customers to use to pay for their membership at the UR UMUC Healthy Fitness Center, then for the area of Accessibility, the following might be entered. (The definition of Accessibility is provided here for clarification. Definitions are not required to be entered into the table above.) Note the thorough explanation of the ranking.
Area High/Medium/Low Importance or Relevance or Not Applicable (N/A) Explanation for Ranking
“Accessibility refers to the varying levels that define what a user can access, view, or perform when operating a system.” (Baltzan, 2012.) Medium Since the customers will use the kiosk to pay their membership fees, it must be accessible to everyone. Customers need a convenient and individual method of logging into the system that enables them to perform the needed tasks quickly and efficiently. The customers should have controlled access that prohibits them from entering any areas or performing any functions not intended for customer use. It is ranked “Medium” because it is important for some customers who choose to use the kiosk and the system cannot be accessed without some type of login so it is important; however, it is not “High” since there are other methods of paying membership fees.
The "right" and "wrong" answers have to do with whether or not you correctly ranked each consideration as it relates to your proposed technology solution and have provided a well-supported explanation for the ranking you assigned. Your responses will be evaluated on whether they are applicable to the solution, correctly ranked, adequately explained, and are appropriate to the UR UMUC Healthy Fitness Center. Use the Rubric below to be sure you have covered all aspects.
UR UMUC Healthy Fitness Center Case Study
In 1980, the UR UMUC Healthy Fitness Center was opened in a growing area of a bedroom community, by Tom Ellington, a UMUC Business Management graduate after he retired from the US Marine Corps. It has an exercise room with many different kinds of specialized equipment, rooms for various exercise and martial arts classes, and locker rooms with showers for men and women. In addition, there is a small snack area where members can buy bottled water, soda, fruit juices and snacks, with tables and chairs where people can relax. There are several part time staff members that man the counter where people check in; they also sell memberships and collect payments. There are trained exercise room attendants to assist members, and a maintenance staff to ensure cleanliness of the facility and minor maintenance of the equipment. Recently you were hired by the owner and founder as the manager, and you are very excited about this opportunity!
UR UMUC Healthy is a for-profit Fitness Center and must cover its variable costs, fund future improvements and produce a reasonable profit for the owners. Unfortunately, business has been steadily declining over the last five years. Although your predecessor did a good job at the Center, it has become out-dated. You recognize that some of the equipment really needs to be replaced, but you are not sure which equipment should be replaced first. The classes and exercise programs available have also become out-dated. There is little known about the makeup of the membership (age, sex, goals, interests, problems, complaints, etc.). You don’t know if there are long waits for particular equipment. If you had more information in these areas you feel that you could increase membership and income. For instance, if you knew which equipment was most heavily used, perhaps you would opt to replace that first, or add more similar equipment. The membership fee structure has not been reviewed in many years, and your contracts with outside firms that perform preventative and major maintenance, and those that provide cleaning supplies, vending machines, and towels have not been reviewed in a number of years. Recently, there have been weeks when the Center has run out of clean towels and the vending machines were out of the most popular items. In addition, customers have been requesting WiFi reception in the Center as well as cardio monitoring features on the cardio equipment.

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The Center is open from 5 AM to 10 PM and is busy most of the day; however, the make-up of the people differs over the course of the day and each group has its own characteristics. The early group, 5 – 8 AM are the heavy workout members who speed through their exercises and head out for work or school. The next group, 8 AM -2 PM are older and take their time exercising and attending classes and spend a lot of time in social interaction; they are generally either retired or moms with their kids in school. The period from 2 – 4 PM is the least busy and is made up largely of high school students and others who like a less crowded environment. From 4 – 7 PM the group is made up of workers on their way home who want to get their workout in before dinner. The last group, 7 – 10 PM, is young single people who want show themselves off and attract the opposite sex, while exercising or taking classes.
One problem that you notice immediately is that you do not know which employees are scheduled to work each day, and there is no way to quickly get a substitute if one is needed. All employees require annual training and certifications in CPR, Safety, First Aid and the use of AED Defibrillators, while the contract trainers require various additional certifications periodically based on their specialty. All of the membership records, orders for towels and snack bar items, and financial and payroll accounts are kept on paper. The Center does not have a Web site, and uses very little marketing except word-of-mouth, and essentially still operates the same as it did in 1980.


Randy Alleyne
Case Study Stage 2
From stage 1, it is clearly understood that although The UMUC Fitness Centre was established a long time back and was once regarded as one of the top notch fitness centres, it is on the decline and that has primarily to do with the lack of the state-of-the-art system, and the lack of modern technological use. There was a Port Five Analysis was done of the specific business and threats were detected in each area. The generic business strategy of the fitness centre should serving different customers to satisfy their needs and group them accordingly and provide them specific traniner with appropriate quality.

1Customer hands over his/her membership card
2. Customer queues waiting to be served
3.Customer arrives at the centre
4.Reception allows the customer in
5.Receptionist looks up the customer’s name on the manual register
6Customer Swipes the magnetic membership card on the card reader
7. Customer enters the centre Data Stored in the database
8. Customer check Expired membership
The above system which causes many a disadvantage:–
Long queues for customers.
Time taken by the receptionist.
Loss of paper and manual copies.
Fault is manual data entry.
Problem with the card reader.
Problem with the magnetising chip in the card due to many swaps.
Now a days, there are many a process where we can upload the data of customer in the system once and provide him with a customer id. This is called a Database management system. By creating a website for the centre and linking it with the database would allow it to fetch the data very time the customer id will be entered in the desired field. Thus enabling the customer to see his/her details anytime he/she wishes too. As well as the management can send reminder mailer or sms so that the customer does not fail the deadline of validity. Even different promo offer for the month or special training information can be passed on to them by the management.

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The advantages of the to be flow chart given below are:—-
Avoiding long queues and time consumption.
Avoid manual errors.
Electronic media usage makes it environment friendly as well as easily available to any desired customer on the web 24X7.
Flashing of images and advertisements would enhance customer attraction.
Also helps the accounts by getting the payment on time avoiding any machine error or excuse of date failure.
1.Customer logs in to the website of the health centre

2 Customer enters his/her customer id
3 New Customer, Create Profile
4 The entire details of the customer’s profile appear in the screen.
5 The customer’s attendance report.
6.The customer clicks on the membership details tab in the screen, where he can see the current membership details along with the validity.
7 The customer’s membership is valid.
8. The customer membership expired.
9. The customer sets reminder 5 days before expiry or a by default reminder goes before two days.
10.The customer clicks on the link readmission

11. A customer sees the options available for membership

12. He selects the suitable option according to timings or trainer profile and gives the bank detail for payment

13. The payment is made and a confirmation email is sent to his email id of payment received.


The use of a repository system and going online can be useful both for the customer and the UR UMUC Healthy Fitness Center, itself. The technology required for this above mentioned improvement is:
Proper Database Management system.
An attractive and informative web design by a professional web designer.
The proper logic of data fetching by SQL language for assigning the apt customer to the appropriate timing and trainer so that his need is catered to in a satisfactory manner.
The above mentioned analysis is only for a particular process branch. Although, the above process can be implemented in details by grouping the customer and assigning them differently, only one particular start up case is mentioned above. Also, if the card reader option is kept as in the previous process, the data from the card reader might be taken for forming an attendance sheet for the particular customer. This would help annually the business to be analysed in the proper manner, improve on customer satisfaction by increasing their attendance or finding their reason of dropping classes often.

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If we even check on the suppliers part , then they might have a separate log in. That portal would deliver information about their payment details online and even there dates of delivery hence reducing any kind of hassle of delayed or short supply.
For the employees too, a database can be maintained. In this, personal profile of the trainers and their different certification data can also be stored and made available to the customer to attract them toward better faculty and advisor for their health.
This would make the health centre really competitive with the growing market. As now it would virtually be open 24X7 to the customers who can decide on joining it any point of time. Also an aesthetically nice and informative website, swiping cards for attendance, linking of data through “Nexus system” or any kind of Database Management Tool would make it attractive to customers and speed up the process.
The underlining reason for introducing Information Technology in the any this business is “NEED FOR SPEED and MAPPING”.

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Family/caregiver stress

Create 15 PowerPoint slides with notes below each slide where applicable. Succinctly design and present a specialty emphasized, professional, referenced presentation on Family/caregiver stress for discussion. Presentation of the topic should focus on enhancing knowledge comprehension, critical thinking, and practice behavior in our specialty field as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

The presentation should relate to the selected topic in a clinically pertinent manner (e.g., assessment; management/biopsychosocial treatment; outcome evaluation) using the nursing process.

Consider within selection and also with formatting presentation that it be done in such a manner that it can also serve as a study tool for ANCC certification examination which becomes effective

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Global Experience Professional Development

   Networking Plan

Part 1 (around 500-750 words)
Read the article by Brian Uzzi and Shannon Dunlap (2005), �How to build your network�, Harvard Business Review, in the Course e-Reader.

Create a table similar to the one entitled �How to map your network� on page 56 and fill this table in, as it relates to one particular aspect of your life (eg. career aspirations, work, study, sport, extra-curricular activities etc.). Remember to give the table an appropriate title, and clearly identify the Superconnectortor�.

Write a description and analysis (around 500 words) explaining the connections between each of the people in your network, identifying the ‘Superconnector�, how you met, how they contribute to your area of interest, and so on. Analyse the network by drawing on ideas from Uzzi and Dunlap (2005); for example, which of the principles discussed Uzzi and Dunlap are evident in your network? Please use Harvard author-date referencing. Conclude by demonstrating how you will improve this network in the future.

Part 2 (around 500-750 words)
Set up a Professional Networking Profile, using LinkedIn ( or a similar professional networking tool. It is important to note Facebook, Google + and MySpace are not acceptable – it must be a professional networking site, not a social networking site.

  The following minimum profile fields must be completed:

Photo – note, this should be a professional representation of you, not a photo taken at a party, at the beach etc.
Summary – a summary of ‘who you are’ professionally, and your career goal for the next two years (i.e. when you graduate, what kind of a role will you be looking for)
Work Experience – including Employer’s name, employment dates and your responsibilities
Education – including your current course of education, and prior studies (including High School)
Honors and Awards – any awards you have received, such as the Dean’s Merit List, Senior School Captain in High School, Sporting Team Captain etc. including relevant details such as the date & name of the award (only include activities from senior high school or more recent)
You may choose to complete additional fields as applicable to you.
As this is your professional profile, and you will be using it to contact potential employers and professional contacts, you will need to ensure your profile is well written, structured and edited, and uses professional language. As LinkedIn doesn’t have a ‘spell check’ capability, it may be worthwhile typing your sections into a Word document and editing to ensure your spelling and grammar is correct, then cutting and pasting into LinkedIn fields.

Once you have set up your profile, connect with a minimum of 5 new contacts (these contacts should not be your friends). Using your knowledge of networking, make sure you choose appropriate people to connect with, who are in your current network or you have an appropriate reason for contacting. Personalise your contact message to be individual to each connection you make.

Once your profile is complete, take suitable screen shots of your profile that demonstrate you have completed the fields required (including your photo) and include as an appendix in your assignment. Assignments submitted without this screen shot will receive 0 marks for this section. To take a screen shot, select [ctrl] and [print screen] (or just [print screen], depending on your computers keyboard) and paste into a blank Word document.

Questions for reflection:
1. When establishing your profile, which sections did you find most difficult to complete and why?
2. When making contact with people in your network what was your most effective strategy?
3. Based on your experience and the eReadings, what are some suggestions for approaching new contacts in the future?
4. Did you join any groups or start to follow any companies when you set up your profile? If yes, which ones and why? If not, why not?
5. What did you learn about yourself and others in your network from this exercise?
6. What did you learn about the value of professional networking sites from this task?

Using a basic report style, provide a simple introduction providing background information on LinkedIn contacts you have chosen to contact (including why you chose to contact them). Then use the �Questions for reflection� as the structure for rest of this part of the assignment (i.e. the body of your report). It is expected that you will use ideas from the de Janasz, Dowd and Schneider (2006) eReading in your analysis and reflection, and that you include a conclusion.

Note: the Questions for Reflection should not be used as subheadings in your Part 2 – they are provided as a guide to assist in your reflection and analysis.

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David Bowie and Performativity

 Performative Acts and Gender Constitution,? Judith Butler argues that gender is not stable or essential but is instead established through the repetition of culturally recognizable gestures. In other words, what we call gender is not an expression of an essential identity, but a system of social signs that create the illusion of gender through repeated performative behaviors.

For this essay, you will use Butler?s theory of gender performance to analyze a song, music video, or performance clip by David Bowie. You may choose any song, video, or performance you like, including those we have discussed in class and those that Auslander analyzes. You will need to develop an argument about the text you choose and how it represents gender, sexuality, and/or identity. How does Bowie challenge narratives of authentic identity? In what ways does he trouble gender and sexuality as stable, readable, expressive categories?

To help focus your paper, choose one passage from Butler?s essay to use as a lens through which to read Bowie. Think carefully about which of her key points will help you develop a unique argument about the song or video you have chosen. Do not expect that Butler?s arguments will match Bowie?s performance neatly. You should be as interested in ways Butler?s arguments can?t account for everything, because those limits can help you extend and complicate her arguments and understand how they can be adopted in other contexts.

You will need to write careful, analytical descriptions of the musical text you choose to discuss. Auslander?s essay can serve as a useful model for this. When he discusses Bowie?s songs, he close reads the lyrics and describes the mood that the instrumental arrangement and Bowie?s vocal style contribute to the meaning. For performances, he carefully describes Bowie?s costumes, hairstyles, gestures, and interactions with other performers on stage. Consider the way these various elements contribute to your interpretation of the text and convey that information to your reader.

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Program planning

1) Caffarella discusses evaluation plans and the different areas to think about as you plan evaluation. Please write something of your plans for program evaluation discusses the viability of what you have planned.
2) (Unit Nine) discuss avoiding negative program reactions and avoiding negative reactions to programs. How can you use their discussion to inform your own plans for program evaluation? What other ideas can you add to their main points?
3) What examples, as an adult learner and/or adult educator, can you give of both good and bad program evaluation? Support your answers based on the readings.
Note: I will upload our program plan to help you answer the first question.
These are an example of the answers .I think it may help you to answer the questions:
1- Our program first involves setting clear goals for each developmentally disabled client that have a frequency and duration associated with them.  Each goal has a set of measurable criteria associated with it, such as a target percentage of success.  There is meticulous record keeping that collects data on client goals and the number of prompts necessary to achieve these goals.  This data is then compiled in monthly and yearly reports that evaluated to determine whether goals are being met.  If not, then adjustments to the goals are made, such as, duration, number of prompts, or percentage success.
2-There are several stages of program failure discussed in the chapter.  Type I is when failure occurs in the middle of the planning process.  This can be avoided by setting clear and realistic goals for the program that meet a societal need.  Type II failure involves the termination after planning is completed but before the program starts.  This can be addressed by similar means for addressing Type I, but greater focus on external forces (how outsiders view the program).  Type III failure involves a progam that failed to meet the needs of the participants.  This is avoided by ensuring that good instructors have set clear objectives that match the participants needs.  I would add that it is important to select the appropriate participants, if there is a choice.  Type IV occurs when the program does not meet its goals and objectives.  This is avoided by establishing clear and realisitic objectives achieved through effective instruction.  Constant evaluation is necessary to ensure that one’s goals and objectives line up with the realities of a program’s implementation.
3-The text mentions that it is far easier to make evaluations based on pre-determined criteria.  I have found this to be very true.  While there does need to be room for some flexibility in effective evaluation, there must be some benchmark used to measure against in evaluation.  For instance, there has been an effort to increase the number of freshman students meeting with their acedemic advisors.  In order to evaluate the success of this effort, we need to determine a measurable goal.  What percentage increase do we want to see in freshman advising attendance?   How many times in the school year do we want them to meet with us?  These are questions that have to be answered before we can evaluate the success of this program.

Implementation of a hospital performance registration system

   The project is a role play focusing on organisational advising. Students have to advise the Board of

Directors of a recently merged hospital on the implementation of a specific change. The project has to result in a concrete final implementation advice.

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Caledonia Products and thoroughly respond to Parts A to N at the end of the case as a concise management statement.

Final project

  Read the Mini Case from the end of Chapter 11 about Caledonia Products and thoroughly respond to Parts A to N at the end of the case as a concise management statement. Round any dollar amounts to the nearest dollar ($1,500,074) and any percentages to two decimals (9.56%).


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 Your Paper Must:

Answer all of the questions of the Mini Case in the form of a management statement. Do not simply list the questions and answers.
Explain the reasoning behind your answers and support your answers with examples from the text and other research.
Include both a Word document for your written answers and an Excel document for your calculated solutions.
For questions requiring calculations, use formulas in Excel to calculate your solution.
Guidelines for Writing the Final Paper
Word document must be four to six (4-6) double-spaced pages in length, exclusive of Appendix, References, Exhibits, etc.
Formatted according to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide (including title page, in text citations and reference list).
Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement.
Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph.
Must use at least two scholarly sources, one of which may be the textbook.

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