Describe the electoral college.

Factual content (correct facts and information) – 30% Required content (answering the question/s in detail) – 30% Meeting the requirements (proper sources, number of drafts, Writing Center, length, etc.) – 20% Conventions (ex: spelling, grammar, font, spacing, size) -10% Deadlines (met all the required deadlines for the trimester) -10%

12th Grade Topic:

Describe the electoral college. Examine the history of the electoral college, and the role and value of the system of voting in presidential elections. What reforms should be made?


Five full pages (not including the Works Cited page) Works Cited page (own page; proper MLA format) that includes at least 3 total reliable sources; at least one must be from a Scholarly article or journal from online, and at least one must be from a book

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