Share your career aspirations, your experience at Passaic county Community College and any work experience especially related to technology

Topic:   Please introduce yourself in three to four paragraghs.  Share your career aspirations, your experience at Passaic county Community College and any work experience especially related to technology. Share your understanding of at least 2 different ways that technology  and or computer may be in use at home, work or school.  Please read the contents of  this course especially the course Syllabus and other materials.



My name is Akinur Rahman and I am majoring in Information Technology, Network admin option. It is my last semester in PCCC and I am transferring to NJIT. Since my childhood, I have a dream to be a computer engineer. When I was 13 years old, my parents bought a computer in our house. That time I just used it for playing games. After I finished the elementary school, I started learning about computer. I used to go computer workshop after school. By seeing my curiosity about computer, the instructor taught me the difference between hardware and software and all the components of hardware. During the high school year, I built a computer with workshop group. It was the first step to get into computer field. The reason of getting interested in Information Technology, network admin is that computer Wi-Fi and cell phone Bluetooth. A question always go around my mind that without wire connection how is it possible to connect two devices together. It took two years to understand the reason and know more advance of networking system.


During the two years’ journey of PCCC, I learned a lot about computer hardware, software, programing languages and networking systems. When I took the Linux, I was totally lost and about to drop the major, but I took it as a challenge to understand the program and able to work on it. It is not an easy to do full time job and college in a same time, but I have done it quite simply. I also want to share my job experience on computer. Currently, I am working at Pharmacy as a pharmacy technician where I have assign job to operate the POS and computer database to find out any patient or doctor information. I also work on excel to make the employee invoice and calculate business investment and profits. As a student of networking admin, I should have to look up if there has any computer hardware issue and troubleshoot it. It is a good opportunity for me to apply my computer skill and knowledge at workplace.




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