Recording Diet Intake for 3 Days and developing personal diet plan on Super Tracker- worth up to 26 points for all component

Assignment – 3 Day Diet Project

Outcomes of this Assignment:

1.Students will be able to apply what they are learning in class to own nutritional needs. 2. Students, who will be going into medical fields, will gain a better understanding of the dietary analysis of the nutritional care process and its place in patient care. 3. Student will gain an understanding of how to use government web site and other credible sources for nutrition information 4. Students will be able to critique dietary nutrition information provided by “medical” related websites based on skills acquired from the course. 5. Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of human diet through mock counseling practice

Learning Objectives At the conclusion of this assignment the student will be able to: • Record food and beverage intake with accuracy- recording all components of a mixed dish • Record food and beverage intake with accuracy- recording the amount of each food or be • Record volume beverage intake with accuracy • Record volume of food intake with accuracy • Record all components of a mixed dish with accuracy. • Identify the meal preparation techniques of foods consumed • Analyze the recorded 3 day dietary intake against recommended number of serving on Super Tracker. • Make recommendation for dietary changes using resources such as US Dietary Guidelines, Super tracker and class textbook.

This assignment is designed to help you to learn to do an analysis of your dietary intake. From this you can also see what you may need to change in your diet. You can make changes using information found in our text book, government web sites and/or other credible web sites or sources. Although this is not an exact science, it important that your recording is as accurate as possible so that you can determine the changes that you need to make in your diet. From this exercise/process, you cannot determine if you have any nutritional deficiencies.

Note: For this assignment do not change your eating habits while you are keeping your diet diary.

The information from your analysis will not be shared with the class.

This assignment is in 3 parts: Part 1 Recording Diet Intake for 3 Days and developing personal diet plan on Super Tracker- worth up to 26 points for all components and due during Week 4 Part 2 Input your diet diary info into the Super Tracker to develop/analyze nutrient intake for each day – worth up to 54 points and due during Week 6 Part 3 Analyze your data, evaluate your diet by answering questions, and developing a 3 day meal plan to improve your daily diet habits – worth up to 120 points and due during Week 7

Part 1 Recording Diet Intake for 3 Days and setting up your personal profile plan

You will be recording your diet for 3 days (1weekend day and 2 weekdays). Record everything that you eat and drink to include water. Do not write down vitamin and mineral supplements if you use them. Write down the foods in portion sizes. The following list may help you to determine portion sizes if you are not familiar with portions sizes. IMPORTANT- Do not change your eating and drinking habits for this assignment.

Sizing Up Servings Use these examples of everyday items to size up your portion sizes. Breads, cereals, rice and pasta An average bagel 1. a hockey puck A medium potato 1. a computer mouse 1 pancake 1. a CD 1 cup rice or pasta 1. a walkman ½ cup cooked rice 1. cupcake wrapper 1 cup of dried cereal 1. a large handful

Fruit 1 medium fruit 1. a tennis ball 1 cup of fruit 1. a baseball ½ cup chopped fruit 1. 15 marbles ¼ cup of raisins 1. 1 large egg

Vegetables 1 cup of lettuce 1. 4 leaves 1 cup vegetables (chopped) 1. a fist ½ cup vegetables (chopped) 1. a light bulb

Meat 3 ounces of meat 1. a deck of cards 2. a cassette tape 3. a bar of soap 1 ounce of meat 1. a match box 2. a floppy diskette 3 ounces of grilled fish 1. a checkbook Dairy 1 ½ ounces natural cheese 1. 3 dominoes 2. a 9-volt battery 3. a bar of hotel soap 1 ounce cheese 1. 4 dice 2. 1 small child’s block 3. 2 saltine crackers

Fats, oils and sweets ½ cup of ice cream 1. a tennis ball 2 Tablespoons of butter, salad dressing, peanut butter or mayonnaise 1. a ping pong ball 1 teaspoon of butter, salad dressing, peanut butter or mayonnaise 1. the tip of a thumb to the first joint 2. one die (dice) 1 ounce of small snack foods (hard candy, nuts) 1. one handful 1 ounce of larger-sized snack foods (pretzels, chips) 1. 1 large handful

For your information 1 cup 1. a softball 2. an orange 1 Tablespoon 3 teaspoons

You will use the Diet Diary chart attached to this portion of the project to record your daily food/drink intake. You will also complete the personal diet “My Plan” chart which you will develop on the Super Tracker website. Both of these components are found in the attachment file Part 1 of Diet Project. To gather this information for yourself you need to complete the “My Plan” chart, complete the following steps: 1. Log onto the Super Tracker website at 2. In the top-right side of the home page, you will “Create Profile” with your individual statistics. Please enter your personal information (I will never see this), register with your own login information (again, I will never see this), submit, and then verify through your email. 3. Once you have created an account/profile, you will then click on “My Plan” to see what daily food recommendations are for you. This is the information you will use to complete the chart on the last page of Part I of this assignment. 4. You will record your calorie, empty calorie, and daily food group recommendations for yourself. Once you have completed the Part I form, you will then submit this document for grading by the end of Week 4. You can always complete/submit earlier than Week 4 if you choose.

Part 2 You will submit a Nutrient Intake Report for each day(3 days total) using the Super Tracker web site. You will find specific information on this part of the project in the attached file for Part 2 of the Project. Each nutrient report is worth 15 points (total 45 points) and the Data Table #2 is worth 9 points for a total of 54 point for Part 2.

Part 3 -This portion of the project will be due at the end of Week 7 and is worth up to 120 points. You will find specific instructions for this portion of the project in the attached file for Part 3 of the Project. It will consist of three components: A. Analyze and evaluate your food diary by answering several questions pertaining to data. B. Describe improvements that can be made to diet to meet daily recommendations. C. Construct a 3 day diet plan to implement suggestions.




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