Organizational Overview-Provide an overview of the organization for which you are to develop the training.

Introduction-Provide an overview of the purpose of the paper and the topics discussed

  1. Organizational Overview-Provide an overview of the organization for which you are to develop the training.
  2. Organization’s mission
  3. Vision
  4. Management structure
  5. Corporate culture
  6. Geographic location(s)
  7. Community involvement
  8. Experience in providing training and development activities
  1. Training Tasks-Specify the task(s) for which the training is being developed.
    1. Analyze the most significant elements or steps for performing each task and
    2. Examine the importance the task(s) to the organization’s overall mission
  2. Audience Characteristics-Describe at least five (5) characteristics of the intended audience for the training.
    1. Describe the number of potential learners, type of learners, reading levels, gender, ages, culture, language(s) they use, and attitude toward learning
    2. Evaluate the intended audience’s level of familiarity with technology overall
  3. Self-Direct Learning Assessment-Assess the degree to which the members of your intended audience are self-directed in their learning overall.
    1. Suggest the manner in which their self-directedness—or lack thereof—may affect the likelihood that they would successfully compete the training
  4. Theoretical Basis for Training-Select the theoretical basis for the planned training (i.e., andragogy or one of the other theoretical models on adult learning).
    1. Provide a rationale for your selection
  5. Proposed Training Strategies-Propose at least two (2) strategies to incorporate key aspect of the selected theoretical model into the design and delivery of the planned training.

VIII.                         Conclusion –Summarize the most salient points discussed in the paper for the reader



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