Why it is important to solve the problem?

Research Proposal(3000-3500 words)
Title: Use of cluster analysis (or data mining) to identify the impact of social media in online marketing strategies.
Abstract(just 100-150 words)
Should include:
• Very short background
• Research question / problem
• Why it is important to solve the problem?
• What kind of methodology (no detail)
• Who will be benefitted by this?
• Conclusion
(Longer version of abstract)
Should include:
• Background
• Problem statement(3-4 sentences)
• Elaborate research question
• Significance
• Methodology
• Result
• Structure of rest of the report (like: in next section we will be talking about literature review…)
Literature Review
Analysis and synthesis
• Connection between variables
• Data collection methods
• Research designs
• Ontology
• Epistemology
• Quantitative / qualitative
• Population / sample size
• Participants
• Survey / interviews/ questionnaire
• Interpretations of results(techniques)/ thematic analysis/ grounded theory
Discussion / result (future implications)
• Range of articles: books, journals, etc)
• Range of yrs: last 10-15 yrs should also be included with new ones
• Variety of books



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