Reading journals are a chance for you to practice your reading and writing skills in an informal, less stressful fashion. The more you read and write, the better you will get at both of these activities. Therefore, each week (besides the first and last week of our term), you will complete reading journals. A reading journal is an informal piece of writing where you get to explore and think through your ideas in relation to an article/essay. They should be written using complete sentences/ paragraphs, and have some sort of organization.

Directions: Read the article “Rich and Poor” starting on page 233 in your book Money Changes Everything.  Then write at least one full page responding to the ideas in the article/essay that you chose.  Your journal does need to be in visual MLA format.

For example: What do you think about the ideas in this specific article? Do you agree or disagree with the author? What is the author not considering or focusing on too much? What are the impacts of the what the article is saying on society? What should be changed? What is your own personal experience with the ideas in the article?


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