Sustainable Development and the Environment”. Please respond to the following topic:
You have been appointed as the new environmental manager for your organization. In a blog post to your key stakeholders, read the following article, We can ditch fossil fuels in 10 years , and address the following question:
If we could end the use of fossil fuels in 10 years, should we?..
Andrew’s response:
As environmental manager for Drew Inc., it is imperative that I lead the company down a road map for success through promoting environmental sustainability. I will be implementing a strategy to help internal stakeholders adopt more environmentally friendly business practices. Also, I will implement a “We are environmentally friendly” campaign to engage internal stakeholders. Campaign promotions will be through the use of social media, press release, internal e-mail communications pieces, and focus groups.
Environmental issues are no different, while environmental protection laws are forcing companies to be proactive in their responses to environmental issues and new regulations Drew Inc., has chosen to invest in environmental resources such as clean economy, and greening of management. While some have questioned the value of these expenditures we support the significant gains in the quality of life and the economic payoff of a cleaner environment. For the past six years, we’ve been measuring and publishing our carbon footprint — not just for the facilities we own but also for our supply chain and even our customers’ use of our products. Key points are:
•Pollution Prevention – which focuses on minimizing or eliminating waste before it is created •Product Stewardship – focuses on all environmental impacts associated with the full life cycle of a product •Clean Technology – businesses develop innovative new technologies that support sustainability,(provide environmental benefits, rather than simply prevent harm Instead of reporting just the carbon footprint of the facilities we own, we also include the carbon footprint of our supply chain. And we don’t use generalized industry standard measurement models — we use a comprehensive product life cycle analysis that measures the carbon footprint throughout the entire life of our products, so everything is meticulously accounted for.


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