Answer each question or response to each statement with 65 words or more.

What are some examples of how one might prepare a resume that makes a job seeker more appeal?

we are on the topic of the use of resumes, I wanted to share with you another site I found useful information on. Most of us have heard of, a job search site. They have probably seen a million resumes through their service. They are offering a bit of advice on how and when to use functional and chronological resumes. Take a look at this if you care to for a bit of informative reading.

What is the difference between primary and secondary research?

How does a focus statement direct you when writing a research report?

I like the idea of using social media to make and keep contacts, but I think there is a huge potential for abuse, especially in the way of exaggeration. The “net” is not really known for the truth, so people don’t bother to stick to it. Not knowing who will see your information might be what drives people to think they are insulated from their embellishments. People forget that the net is not just between you and them; it is also between them and them. People who know you know others, and others compare notes with those who know you best. I believe people on Facebook and probably on some of the other social sites have figured this out by now.


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