Rubrics are used in this program to provide consistent criteria for evaluating each learner’s performance on course assignments. The dissertation, and each element that constitutes it, will also be assessed according to a rubric. Using a rubric allows for maximum clarity in the evaluation process and in establishing expectations for you. By using the rubric to evaluate your colleagues’ drafts of the problem statement and research questions, you will practice giving and receiving professional and scholarly feedback as an independent researcher and become familiar with how the rubric will be used to assess your drafts. This will also help you plan to systematically address each area on which you will be graded. Refer to the Dissertation Rubric, linked in the Learning Resources this week as well as on the the Office of Student Research Administration’s PhD Dissertation Program page ( Be sure to check the website quarterly to ensure you always have the most up-to-date version available.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post the most recent version of your research question(s) section of the PhD Prospectus Template as well as a completed Change Matrix form, located in this week’s Learning Resources.

The Change Matrix, if completed correctly, will evidence that you successfully integrated the feedback from your peers (when appropriate to do so) and various real time updates and guidance postings made by the Instructor to you and your classmates during Week 2. Points will be earned based upon how well prior revision requests and recommendations are integrated into this Discussion posting.

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