Throughout this course, you and your colleagues have simulated the type of reviews and feedback as you developed a preliminary prospectus that you will come to expect from your committee. Now that you have received and incorporated the feedback from your group’s members, you will submit your preliminary prospectus to your Instructor.

For this Application, think of your Instructor as the University Research Reviewer (URR) assigned to your committee. Although your Chair is responsible for ensuring that your finished dissertation meets the graduate-level expectations of Walden University, the URR will serve as a source of independent feedback on your proposal and dissertation. Because the URR is not involved in all the earlier stages of the drafts of proposals/dissertations, the URR gives the committee an independent quality assessment on your dissertation proposal and final draft. In actual practice, the URR usually communicates questions and comments only to your committee, who will then forward them on to you. This week, your Instructor will simulate the role of the URR, providing you with a source of independent feedback on your preliminary prospectus. Because this is only a simulation, the Instructor will give feedback to you directly.

Your preliminary prospectus should include a self-assessment using the Prospectus Rubric. In addition, submit your prospectus and self-assessment to the TurnItIn safe haven in the Walden University Writing Center: TurnItIn.

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