Create an E-R Crow’s Foot data model for a real estate firm that lists property for sale. Specifically, identify and specify each entity type, attribute, and relationship on your diagram. Then draw an integrated data model for this situation using the tool you have been told to use in your course. The following describes this organization:

The firm has a number of sales offices in several states. Attributes of sales office include Office_Number(identifier) and Location.

Each sales office is assigned multiple employees. Attributes of employee include Employee_ID (identifier) and Employee_Name. An employee must be assigned to only one sales office.

For each sales office, there is always one employee assigned to manage that office. An employee may mange only the sales office to which he or she is assigned.

The firm lists property for sale. Attributes of property include Property_ID (identifier) and Location Components of Location include Address, City, State, and Zip_Code.

Each unit of property must be listed with one (and only one) of the sales offices. A sales office may have any number of properties listed or may have no properties listed.

Each unit of property has one or more owners. Attributes of owners are Owner_ID (identifier) and Owner_Name. An owner may own one or more units of property. Attribute Percent_Owned records the percentage at which one owner owns a particular property.

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