**Writing Assignment #3 (Research Proposal) Writing Review Checklist and Rubric:      **



Park University EN306B Writing Review Checklist and Rubric


Writing assignment #3:  Research Proposal for the Research Report (Writing Assignment #7)

Grade:  100 points (10%)

Format:  Use the proposal format in Chapter 17 (Figure 17.2) in Locker.

Length:  2 pages (not including bibliography)

References:  Provide at least 10 references in the Methods and Resources section of your Proposal.

Background and Scenario: The scenario for writing assignments #1 and #2 continue.

The company CEO has read your letter, calls you in to his office, and says, “You’ve provided some very good information on the business, cultural, and other conditions in the country. Very impressive! What do you think is the next step?”

You pause. “Sir, the situation in the country has pros and cons. There are some significant benefits but also some risks if we open up an operation there. I would like to do some more research and provide you with some written recommendations. I’ll need to lay out some milestones, and may need some resources, including a budget.”

The CEO smiles and says, “Exactly what I was thinking! Get a research proposal to me next week stating what you plan to focus on for a comprehensive report with recommendations on doing business in this country. And be sure to use an attractive, professional document design for the proposal, with some visuals depicting data on the country and a few photos. I’ll need to get your research project approved by the board. You will indeed need some extra resources, possibly even travel funds, to get the report done in a reasonable time frame, say about a month.”

“Yes, sir. Thanks!”

Leaving the CEO’s office, you’re pleased that your memo and letter have brought results, and you look forward to finding out more about doing business in this country. But you are also a bit worried. If you are going to get the proposal and the report completed, you need to get started right away.


Explain in a research proposal what you propose to focus on for your Business Report with Recommendations (Writing Assignment #7).

Use the format and the sections in Chapter 17 of the text (Problem, Country Overview, Audience, Topics to Investigate, Methods and Resources, Qualifications, Work Schedule, and Call to Action.

In the Methods and Resources section, list at least ten (10) references.

Use document design techniques, diagrams, photos, and other visuals to comply with the CEO’s guidance.


REMINDER: Continue to use the hypothetical company and the country you selected for writing assignment #1 (Memo with documented research).


Criteria for excellence:

Focus on purpose and audience.

Clarity in depicting research and thoughts.

Sufficiency of preliminary research.

Documentation correct.

Clarity of controlling idea.

Communicating intent to audience.

Absence of  errors in grammar, mechanics, and spelling.


Reviewer: _________________________


Quality Standard: Clearly understandable to the intended reader(s) in a single reading,

and free of errors in grammar, mechanics, spelling and usage. Appropriately follows guidelines

from assignment instructions.




Summary Comments:




See also comments posted via track changes.


**Refer to checklist which follows for specific support of summary comments. A “+” means this

area contributed to the quality of your writing.  A “‑” indicates a need for improvement.  No

symbol indicates the area was not assessed or had no impact on the paper’s effectiveness.**



Stage of Process: Rs = Researching  O = Organizing  D = Drafting  Rv = Revising  P = Proofing


Assess   PLANNING and STRATEGY During: Rs&O          25%

___ INTENT/PURPOSE: clear?

___ AUDIENCE: targeted?

___ FOCUSED on a single controlling idea?

____ SCOPE  is clearly delineated?

____ PERSPECTIVE is appropriate?


Assess  SUBSTANCE During: O&D  25%


O____ CONTROLLING IDEA: sufficiently developed?

O____ **Analysis**: are facts and opinions explained?

O____ **Evidence**: detailed and convincing? sources sufficient?

O____ CRITICAL THINKING: considers other perspectives? both pro and con?

O____ MAIN SUPPORTING PARTS: clearly defined and simple?

O____ sequenced to fit purpose?

D____ INTRODUCTION: sets stage?

O____announces controlling idea?

O____ states major parts?

D____ TRANSITIONS: provide continuity and emphasis?

D____ CONCLUSION:  returns to controlling idea? reviews major parts?

D____ DOCUMENT DESIGN:  format is correct? promotes quick, clear understanding?


Assess  STYLE During: Rv  25%


Rv___ UNIFIED paragraphs: clear central ideas?

Rv___ COHERENT sentences: coordinated and clear?

Rv___ word choice: exact, vivid?

Rv___ tone: expressive, not ambiguous or vague

Rv___ EFFICIENT: paragraphs?

Rv___  active voice primarily?

Rv___   efficient vocabulary? minimal jargon?


Assess  CORRECTNESS During: P  25%


P____ CONVENTIONAL: grammar?

P____ punctuation?

P____ spelling?

P____ documentation: fits accepted formats?

P____ appearance: professional?





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