• Please do not attempt if you can not have this done before 1am est. *I also need this proof-read for grammatical errors, sentence structure, style, and punctuation.* I am in a masters program for marriage and family therapy.

Assignment: Purpose is to help students gain an experiential sense of addiction process by changing behaviors that play a role in regulating moods and emotions in their own lives, thus fostering greater sense of empathy and understanding for clients engaged in the process of change.

The behavior I suspended was to stop eating out at fast food restaurants, cooking more therefore, saving money and being healthier. Paper is 6-8 pages and I already have four pages. I just need someone to add to what I already have, adding more descriptions to stretch everything. APA format, double spaced, headings and subheadings.

Questions that have to be addressed in paper are: (Which I have majority) 1. What function does the behavior play in regulating your affect? 2. How did this behavior come to serve this function? 3. When was your motivation the strongest? Weakest? Why? 4. In what ways does your relationship to the behavior parallel the definition and course of addiction? in what ways was it different? 5. What was the most challenging aspect of limiting/suspending this behavior? 6. How does the “Stages of Change” model relate to changing this behavior? (The stage I selected was Contemplation) 7. Triggers, relapses? 8. What helped support you in limiting/suspending this behavior? saving money helped suspend.

Again, all of this is answered in my paper that is attached I need someone to go into more detail with the paper therefore increasing it by 2 more pages and proofreading. I will pay $5 now and $10 when paper is completed. Do not offer to help if you want more than $15.


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