Produce a written critique and evaluation of an entrepreneur or social change agent who has been instrumental in making substantial change happen. Drawing on this reflect and self-evaluate on your own potential as a change agent.
Your critique should focus on the issues of their entrepreneurial traits; leadership style; communication & negotiation skills; team building and networking in making change happen. You should identify both strengths and weaknesses.
Avoid simply describing this individual, rather you are required to give a deeper reflective insight into both their strengths and weaknesses, critiquing their capability and approaches used to make change happen. You should make reference to academic models and theories on change to support and underpin your critique.
You will need to make reference to particular change events or episodes that the individual has been involved in to base your critique, evaluation and reflections on.
For the change event(s) themselves, it might be helpful to reflect on:
What was the need for change?
What were the events that led up to the change happening?
What was the entrepreneurs approach/ steps in making change happen?
What other people were involved in the process of change?
What obstacles or resistance did the entrepreneur encounter? How did the deal with this?
What do you think they learnt through the experiences of change?
What characteristics/ attributes & skills do they think really matter in making change happen?
Your own personal self-evaluation/ reflections should identify your particular strengths or weaknesses as a change agent.


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