The paper should be about how the term Genocide in not as powerful and potent as people deems it to be. Genocide is a powerful term used to mentally engage people into a specific topic used by strong controlling countries of the world. An example is the Armenian genocide, because the Turkish state is a strong powerful state and won the war after the genocide it has the power to deny it. Also USA and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which is actually genocidal but because America is a powerful and influential country in the world that acts is not considered genocidal. And same goes with Israel and Palestine wit the recent bombings of Gaza the past summer. The paper should take these three examples into consideration in try to prove the thesis that term Genocide is only a effective and power attribute to strong political powers. The essay should also take into consideration Samantha Power and how in her book (A problem from Hell 2002) she does not even mention the USA bombings of japan and her take on the Armenian genocide. And also talk about the book (What is genocide by Martin Shaw 2007) and his explanations of the word genocide. Also (The Dark side of Democracy 2004) and his takes on Armenia as well.


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