Health Psychology Journal of Health Psychology
Your review should start with a short introduction to your chosen theme within your chosen area of psychology, and to your particular articles; why is this theme important? Justify your choice of articles and their significance? What are the key concepts and theories? (approx. 250 words)
You should then present summaries of the two articles you have chosen (approx. 250 words each) annotating the summaries with your analytical comments.
The review should finish with a short conclusion (again about 250 words) that brings together the main findings from the two sources, integrates their finding, and relates them back to the general introduction. In total, the work should be about 1,000 words long. This is only a guide, not an absolute limit; being concise is a valuable skill that will be rewarded.
Both articles must relate to your chosen theme. You may struggle to link your articles together meaningfully if your chosen theme is very broad, e.g. effects of participating in sport on people, so it is better to chose a more specific theme, e.g. how does participation in sport affect children’s aggression; or the effects of exercise on self esteem. However, if you choose a theme that is very narrow, e.g. the effects of doing aerobic exercise on teenaged girls’ body image, you may struggle to find two articles on your theme. So, think about your theme carefully and choose articles that you can link together with ease. Check with the module leader if you have any doubts.

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