Summarize the article that will be uploaded in additional files section by Kenneth waltz (1pg) then explain the realist perspective on world stability (2pgs). Use the article as a source!

Venn diagram

Read Chapter 1, “Birth”, from the book (provided to you). Then complete a Venn diagram (also provided), comparing and contrasting the following:
– typical American births (using your own knowledge)
– traditional Hmong birthing techniques and practices (using information provided in Chapter 1, “Birth”)
– the techniques and practices that were used when Lia was born (also using information from Chapter 1, “Birth”)
Be sure to give at least 1 example in each section of the Venn diagram (though more examples are preferable), showing both similarities and differences among the three birthing practices.

Then, using the information in your Venn diagram and the information provided in Chapter 1 of The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, write a paper of approximately 3 pages in which you:
– summarize the similarities and differences you observed
– include your opinion of which type of birth you would prefer if you or your wife/partner were having a baby
– describe how your opinion represents an ethnocentric attitude, an attitude of cultural relativism, or a mixture of the two


Please write a paper that answer the 4 questions below:
1. Based on the trends in FDI over about the last fifteen years and the present Global economic and financial markets, what direction will FDI take over the next fifteen years? Which countries do you think will benefit the most? (Use examples of a few specific countries to make you points).
2. The reasons for the past trends in FDI have been quite diverse. Which factors will be the most important in affecting FDI flows in the future? Be certain to explain fully why you think they will be the most important?
3. Evaluate the case—Walmart in Japan– using the suggested approach.

4. evaluate the following statement:
“With the tremendous growth of the emerging markets, countries like China will become the major providers of FDI over the next 20 years.”


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