Have students list their roles (son or daughter, student, cashier, friend, etc.) on a piece of paper. Discuss how these roles influence their self-perceptions—their identities. Which are most important in defining who they are? Which are least important? How has what they view as important for defining self been influenced by family, culture, and their peers? How would taking away one of those roles affect the importance of the other roles? How would it impact identity? Discuss how these goals reflect Horney’s three aspects of self. Would Horney say you are one who moves “toward, against or away”? My roles include daughter, fiance, student, friend, patient care tech, and granddaughter. The book for my class is: Friedman, Howard S., and Miriam W. Schustack. Personality: classic theories and modern research. 5th Edition. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1999. Print. It is not required that we quote things, but please use the book to base your answers from and if you do need to quote something.


Research and read the following topic: ” Students players and the right to form a union”. google any key word from the topic. Write a one- page single- space paper in the followoing format:

1. An introduction: Explain what the topic is about.
2. Do you agree with the regional NLRB? Defend your position


Two Questions:

  1. What is transformational leadership?  Who do you personally know that is a transformational leader?  Why?

Answer must be 200 + words for each question.

  1. What kinds of diversity can exist within a group? What impact does diversity have on group outcomes?

Answer must be 200 + words for each question.


For this assignment, you will be required to (individually) read a magazine article on a Management Science model or application and present a summary of the article and results in a short presentation. The idea is to search for various ways in which these optimization models are used in the “real world” to improve processes or decisions.


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