Presentation and Paper Guidelines – Spring 2016


You have now studied many of the geologic processes and topics that influence Earth and humans alike. In order to foster an appreciation for science, in particular geology and its applicability to business, everyday life and the world around us, a ‘student to students’presentation and paper on the relationship of geology to industry, law, art, medicine, urban planning or other related and approved topic is assigned.


This presentation/paper will require research; e.g. newspaper articles, Internet, discussions with individuals working in your topic area and/or library visits.  You must have your topic approved by me before the second lecture exam.  This helps to minimize overlap of topics. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of points from the final paper grade.  Consider you audience to be non-business oriented scientists. Analyze the topic relating to the concepts covered/to be covered in class and incorporate appropriate terminology. The approximately 3-5 minute ‘student to students’ presentation will constitute (~) 3% of your lecture assignment grade. No visual aides are required unless you deem them helpful. Presentations will take place on the dates provided on your syllabus. You have the opportunity to, in class or via email, sign up on a first-come, first-serve basis for a particular date.  Any student who does not request a particular date should be prepared to present on the first presentation date.


The short paper (three-four pages approx.) is to be completed and submitted to me by 9:00 PM on the date listed on your syllabus.  This paper will discuss in greater detail your presentation topic and requires supporting documentations in a ‘Works Cited’ section.  The ‘Works Cited’ section is in addition to the page requirement. Your grade for this paper assignment will constitute approximately 8% of your lecture assignment grade.  Please provide me with only an e-copy of your paper.


Papers are not designed as collaborative assignments.  Feedback from me prior to the assignment due date is encouraged.  Please adhere to the Modern Language Association (MLA) format to cite document sources presented verbatim or paraphrased.  Sources include material in the form of text, graphics, audio, and video that are not your original work.  In addition, your work completed for another course must be cited. You will be expected to include a ‘Work Cited’ section with your document.  I will likely use the plagiarism service, for work in this class; papers may also be checked for originality via other sources. Instances of plagiarism will not be tolerated in this class.


Here is a list of ideas that may be useful in choosing or considering a topic.  You do not have to choose from this list. You must have your topic approved by me.


  • Give an example of one geologic resource and how the acquisition and use of that resource influences world economy, security, political arena, environment and/or quality of life.
  • Discuss how geologic topics may affect such businesses/industries as real estate, law, transportation, art, construction, insurance, environmental damage and reclamation, farming, etc.
  • Discuss an alternate energy source and how it may affect the ‘spheres’ of Earth and society in general.
  • Explain one of the issues relating to surface water or groundwater use, contamination, regulation, rights of ownership, etc.
  • How do urban planners use information about soils, water, seismic or volcanic hazards to protect people and property?
  • Natural hazards and disasters and the link to economy, environment, insurance, reclamation, law/politics or other aspect of quality of life.
  • Water rights and growing shortage of water.
  • Comparison of energy resources.
  • Right of ownership of resources located in extreme locations.


Please no reports on Blood Diamonds…



Required for the paper/presentation:

  1. You must cite all of your sources.
  2. Explain how an aspect of geology is incorporated in the ‘focus area’, e.g. business, law, etc.
  3. Explain what scientific knowledge an individual in the “focus area’ may require or is recommended.
  4. Provide contact information for individuals interviewed.
  5. You must use “spell check”.
  6. You must not plagiarize. Anyone who does will be prosecuted.
  7. All outside materials must be clearly cited.

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