: Climate Change

Take a clear stand on the Environmental Change/Global Warming debate and defend your position. Be sure that you address any falws in your stance and then demonstrate how those questions can be addressed. Provide hard date that supports your position. You must include not less thanfour data sets (graphs, charts, tables) that you use to support your claim. Be sure that your paper provides information on the topics as well as your view on the topic supported by factual scientific information. You must indicate clearly if you have determined if Climate Change is real or not and identify the cause if you believe climate change is real. (I believe Climate Change is real). The introductory paragraph must clearly identify your position and state “Environmental change is true because…..” Please consider the two movie “An Inconvient truth” and “The Great Glibal Warming Swindle” (Below is the source and the graph to support the posititon) (I also uploaded one material-you can use those graph as evidence to prove that climate change is real) https://my.mtmary.edu/ICS/icsfs/2-208_BS_Poor_example_Global_Warming_Paper.pdf?target=cb233bee-e634-4d2a-b701-34771135eb4b

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