Is the landscape changing?

·         Is the landscape changing?

  • Background: In our practitioner profile this week, Kathryn Brown shares the emerging findings of her research into the influence of policy on ECEC settings. She highlights for us that policy texts include ‘sources such as: government documents, politician’s speeches and media releases, media, and government websites’ (Waniganayake et al., 2012, p. 22). This week, we discuss the motivations, issues and concerns relating to policy within Australia that inflences ECEC. The recent release of the 2014 Australian Federal Budget has raised some doubt in relation to many of the reforms agreed to by COAG in 2008.
  • Purpose: To explore the motivations, issues and concerns relating to policy in Australia that influences ECEC.
  • Task: The article Victorian parents fear funding for early childhood education will be cut, slashing kinders hours from 15 to 10 a week (Adoranti& David, 2014) highlights one of the current concerns about potential changes to ECEC policy in Australia.
  • Discuss: Share an issue or concernraised in the article by educators and/or parents. What do you believe are the reasons behind, or the motivations for, the potential policy change? In what way does the potential change in policy align with, or oppose, your personal philosophy on ECEC?
  • Further discussion: Share a policy text that may influence ECEC in Australia (consider Kathryn Brown’s examples: a government document, a politician’s speech, media release, media, or government website update on a policy). Can you see any strengths or issues for ECEC in the ones shared?

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