parent-child maltreatment,

talk about how many young parents do not know how to provide or to treat their children. i wanted to include an event that happened to me. i was at my internship in the ER in general hospital IMSSS jose maria morelos, in mexico. and one night a mother came in with her child overdosed. the mother was complaining that her child cried too much so she gave her anti epilepsy medicine. the mother gave her child 4x the adult dose. the child arrived poisoned, and i had to help perform a gastric lavage on a 2 year oldbaby. the procedure ended up being succesfull and the baby was safe and sound in the arms of her careless mother. i wanted to state that many young couples or single parents do not have the right education or skills to take care of their offspring. i wanted to share that there are many programs that help with this. i want to


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