Taking the role of a consultant to Market Dojo a 1500 words strategic growth plan.
Question 1: Critically evaluate the strategy that market dojo is currently pursuing to run its operations.
Question 2: How should Market Dojo prioritise their time between development and growth; how should they effectively get their message out there?
Question 3: Identify the key challenges that Market Dojo faces in developing its future virtual business in attempting to build a sustainable competitive advantage.
Structure of essay
1. Introduction
2. Background of business
– What they did are unique compare to competitors
– unique issues
– What kind of market that market dojo (MD) operates in?
3. Current strategy been employed by MD
– Things that they don”t know
– Should they continue their plan or strategy? expand or go large for their business? What type of strategies they following?
4. Ways how they could improve
– Promote (marketing)
– Examples in case study
– ways to recommend to MD as a consultant
– unique solutions, innovative ideas.
5. Conclusion
others and case study refer to the file attach


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